Advertising Opportunities

Visitors to the Jobs in Ridgecrest Network include active job seekers who are interested in various positions offered in the Greater Ridgecrest area. By marketing with us, you will improve your marketability and service potential. Jobs in Ridgecrest Network provides advertisers with an unmatched ability to target the delivery of messages to a highly specific audience, people in the Greater Ridgecrest area.

Square Banner

  • 250x250. GIF, JPEG, or PNG. 40k (maximum) file size
  • Displayed throughout the site on the right side: USD $1000/month or $7500/year

Additional Specifications

  • No expanding, floating, pop-up, or in-stream ads.
  • Ad with white background must have a 1-pixel border (minimum).
  • ALT tags may contain up to 50 characters (including spaces).
  • Sound must be user-initiated (on-click) with clearly identified play and stop controls.
  • All public policy, advocacy, political or candidate advertising must be clearly identified.
  • Custom arrangements may be available upon request, and are subject to a premium. All ad space is sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Content of Advertisements

Advertising should not contain material that the Jobs in Ridgecrest Network consider to constitute or promote discrimination. No adult material, gambling or tobacco advertising will be accepted. TheJobs in Ridgecrest Network reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertising at any time. Payment for all insertions must be made in advance.

To inquire about advertising on the Jobs in Ridgecrest Network, contact us at:

Jobs in Ridgecrest Network
5443 Fremontia Lane
San Diego, CA 92115
Phone: (800) 311 0563